Typo as my study buddy

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I’ve recently started studying again (I should actually be doing that now instead of procrastinating 🙂 …oh well) and feel like there’s nothing better to get you into a study mode like pretty stationery.

Recently, Typo has been growing in popularity and I love the stores. Sometimes though, the service in the stores is not ideal and I much prefer to shop online. Plus at the moment, there is a 50% off sale on some products.(Another good reason to shop online, without leaving the house on a cold, rainy day!) There is also FREE SHIPPING on orders in Australia, over $50. Yay! Here are my top Typo Stationery picks this month:

PolkaDot Pen $2.95

Artist’s marker pen (pink highlighter, double ended) $1.95

Crystal Pencil $2.48 (0n sale)

A4 Notebook (for all your important study notes taking :)) $1.50 (on sale)

A5 Distant future notebook $2.48 (on sale)

This one reminds…

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