How did Good Sense Stationery Start

Good Sense Stationery was concieved on 25th June 2011 by myself Geraldine Millington. Swiftly after this we moved into serviced offices in Corser House- which is beautiful. I have a wealth of experience in telesales and the sales industry- raising funds via telesales for charity organisations and even mobile phone sales!

When I hit 40 I was confident in myself and believed that it was time for me to start my own business, which was hard to do during a recession. I decided that it would be best to offer products that people actually needed as opposed to what they wanted- as there can be a huge difference between the two, especially in the current economic climate.

For that reason I decided stationery was best- offering such brands as HP, Navigator, Bic, Berol, Avery, Cambridge, Leitz and many more.

I will be using this blog in the future to keep everyone updated about Good Sense Stationery, our progress and our daily lives here at Corser House.


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