Slide it, write it.


Recently we have been very lucky in the office and have been able to sample these wonderful pens, which are manufactured by Schneider and we can’t get over how great they are!

They have an ergonomic shape with a rubberised surface which enables it to fit comfortably in your hand without that dull ache that is inevitable with the basic run-of-the-mill pens. If you have to write a lot, then this is definitely the one for you. I honestly don’t know how we at Good Sense Stationery ever went without this ballpoint miracle!

It comes in a range of colours which include: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple and Pink! Definitely a pen that would be great for colour coding papers in the office.

The black ink is also waterproof according to the ink standard ISO 12757-2.

The ink is also very fast drying, meaning that you don’t get that horrible smudge if you need to write in a hurry!

We also managed to test it’s “younger” (smaller) brother the Schneider Slider Edge and we are equally as enamoured with that. It has a smaller barrel than the Slider Memo, but is just as comfortable when in your hand- with the similar triangle barrel.

If you would like to see these beauties for yourself, don’t hesitate to go online to:

And type in product codes: TB06424 and OPN0757!

Happy writing!


Geraldine x



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