Original VS Compatible



Yes, the topic of today is the battle between Original and Compatible inks and toners- which is a debate that seems to be rife within the majority of offices these days!

For a long time people have heard the word compatible and automatically signed it off as a cheaper, knock-off brand, with little or no reliability. But this stigma is unnecessarily attached to the poor Compatibles, especially now when there are so many different varieties of them.

So what is the difference between Original and Compatible? Original inks are made straight from the manufacturer: HP, Epson, Brother, Oki, Samsung and Cannon but to name a few. Compatible inks however, are not made by these manufacturers but are instead made by third-party manufacturers without infringing any patents.

Why do we love compatibles? We love compatibles here at Good Sense Stationery primarily for their price. They come in at about 50% cheaper than Original’s and therefore can save your business valuable money that can be used elsewhere.

At the moment, we have a range of Compatible Q-connect toners (Office Basics), that have a two-year manufacturer guarantee meaning that the manufacturers are now realising customer’s conserns and looking to protect their interests.

To find a Compatible ink suited for yourself, go to:


And search for Office Basics.

Happy Printing!

Geraldine x



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