Dotty for Stamps!


So today we are captivated with the wonderful Trodat stamps and we can’t get over the wide range on offer!

For today though we are focusing on the wonderful Trodat-Printy- Dater 4750 as this is perhaps one of the most popular Trodat stamps with our customers.

One of the best features of this stamp is the fact that it is self inking- that means no mess! You don’t have to waste any time inking and stamping. It’s just one push and you are away- very quick and easy when you have a lot of paper-work  to get through.

The compartment also stores two inks- red and black, printing “received” in blue, while the “date” is clearly marked in red; making it more noticeable and easy to differentiate between the two.

This stamp is ideal for everyday use, both in the home and office.

Happy stamping!

Geraldine x


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