Free up your hands!


Well I had a little bit of a blonde moment today. I have been meaning to get some head-set’s for a while for the girls to make it easier for them to call and type at the same time- Sarah seems to consume paper like a fire!

However, when we opened the packet, I found out that I had bought PC headset’s and not ones that can be connected through the  telephone… D’oh!

So now we are sending them back and waiting on the beautiful Doro HS111 to arrive!

I’ve used Doro before and love that they are light-weight so that they don’t weigh your head down and they don’t pinch at your skin either, making it a very comfortable head-set to wear.

The headband it also adjustable which is great for anyone with a little head like mine, as usually I drown in head-set’s.

It also has a flexible mic boom that you can position to wherever is best for; you for optimal voice quality.

They are also compatible with most fixed-line telephones.

Go to:

And type in code:


To get your own!

Free your hands up with a Doro!

Geraldine x


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