Write the Rainbow!



I can’t describe just how much I have fallen in love with these Rhodiarama books from Rhodia! Any office fashionista’s out there should pay attention now- they are to die for!

There is a colour for every occasion, which includes:

Black, Chocolate, Taupe, Beige, Green, Turqoise, Blue, Iris, Purple, Lilac, Rasperry, Poppy, Tangerine, Orange and Yellow! Phew! Quite a lot to list there!

(My personal favourite is the sapphire blue one, which is strange as I usually go straight for the purple!

The books are A6 in size, meaning that they can easily fit into your hand-bag while you are on the go and I know that Sarah (another girl in the office) loves to use these books for her poetry.

It has a sturdy cover and is finished with  leatherette with the familiar logo of Rhodia embossed on the front. It also has an elastic closure, in the familiar orange of Rhodia.

Following on with the orange theme it also has an orange ribbon bookmark, meaning that you can maintain where you left off!

Inside there is also a rather funky picture of a zebra that quite quirkily is made up of all the colours in this range!

The paper is also 90gsm making it slightly thicker than that of the conventional sized 80gsm note-books. You can also have the paper lined, or unlined making it good for both writing and even sketching.

But perhaps the most single greatest thing that I have found with these notebooks is… the expanding pocket at the back of the book! You can put all manner of photographs, or loose paper in there, meaning it has great potential as a journal, or even just for storing pesky pieces of paper from the office or school!

To view these for yourselves go to:


And type in: Rhodia web!

Which colour will you chose?

Geraldine x



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