Leitz Active Bebop Lever Arch File

We had a lovely Leitz representative in not so long ago who converted us to the ways of Leitz. He described the Leitz Bebop as the Gucci of office stationery and we couldn’t agree more! It is fabulous!

The creators at Leitz have actually come up with a handy device… The first 180 degree lever arch file! Not only have they managed to make it look stylish with its sleek white covering and embossed patterning, but it is also useful!

I often look back at bygone eras and wonder how the people ever existed without such an invention… Well now I know. How could anyone have ever gone without this little gem before? Gone are the days of filing from back to front! Huzzah! With Leitz you can file front to back because of the ingenious lever arch that goes both up and down!

I can see a lot of university students jumping for joy at this- I know that Sarah is red with rage that such a thing didn’t exist when she was at university two years ago, it could have come in very handy for her!

If you want to make a statement then Leitz is for you!

Take a look at our website:


And type in product code:


Make your filing as stress free as possible!

Geraldine x


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