Our New Friends

Today I visited a new customer called Albemarle of London! My gosh, how glad I am that we met! They are based in Prees just outside of the town that our office is in- so we have been neighbours all this time and never even known!

I went on my deliveries and approached their unit, which took a good fifteen minutes to find, on account of it being hidden away on the Industrial Estate! But once I got there, I realised that fifteen minutes of confusion was well worth it.

They are artists! Each member being part of a team that helps to paint back-drops for iconic pantomime’s such as Alladin, Cinderella and Puss in Boots! They even did some back-drops for the film Ghost and the band Kaiser Cheifs!!!

I walked through the door and was greeted by the sight of a painted train to my right which was to be displayed at a show in Cosford in the upcoming weeks! The detail on it was absolutely fantastic!

To my left was a gaggle of work experience students- all working hard helping with the construciton of another prop for Alladin!

All around were props for various different shows, there was a table that was so sweet, it was almost sickening- they had definitely managed to give it that disney-feel for Alladin.

There were also canvas’ all around the walls, hanging with pictures drawn all over them- all beautifully detailed!

But perhaps the single most impressive feature was the fourty-five foot canvas that was hung by chains at the back of the room! I had never seen something so big be so detailed before! It was so big that there was no chance of the poor people being able to paint it on the floor… it had to be held up!

They are the only company in the whole of the UK who ships their scenery accross seas to the USA!

I look forward to having an excuse to visit them again!

Geraldine X


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