It’s all about PINK!



Today it is all about these pink beauties! No desk can be complete without at least one of the objects above! They have a modern rounded shape with a glossy surface that just screams fashionista!

It certainly adds a splash of colour to the office and is great to let the individual in you shine!

But fear not gentlemen of the world! You have not been forgotten by Eyestyle the creators of these products. They also have all items in white, meaning that you too can make your space truly yours.

The desk and mouse pad’s come with contrasting padding making them all the more stylish too!

We are mostly impressed here at Good Sense Stationery however, with the handy little paper-clip holder! No more will paper-clips be those annoying little pieces of metal strewn throughout your draws! There is actually a space for them now! Hurray!

If you would like to view any of these products, please do not hesitate to go online at:

And quote item codes:

White Letter Tray: SGL87404

Berry Letter Tray: SGL87403

White Magazine File: SGL87401

Berry Magazine File: SGL87397

White Pencil Cup: SGL89447

Berry Pencil Cup: SGL88346

White Paper-Clip Dispenser: SGL89445

Berry Paper-Clip Dispenser: SGL88342

White Sticky Note Box: SGL89257

Berry Sticky Note Box: SGL88337

White Hole Punch: SGL89443

Berry Hole Punch: SGL88333

White Stapler: SGL89441

Berry Stapler: SGL888329

White Mouse Pad: SGL89439

Berry Mouse Pad: SGL88325

White Desk Pad: SGL89437

Berry Desk Pad: SGL88322


Sarah X





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