*Special Offer For Our Facebook Customers*

Embrace your Individuality

If you ladies are anything like us here at Good Sense Stationery, you will understand how hard it can be to express your femininity, in the workplace or at home. Everything always seems to be black or monochrome and so constricting that you almost feel as though you are suffocating in the dark mass of stationery that consumes your desk.

It is for this reason that we are putting a special offer on for our Facebook ladies only!

No- longer do you have to settle for the boring- we are here to bring the bright to you!

We would like to introduce our wonderful Silvine Premium Soft notebook. It’s A5 meaning that it is perfect for making notes and using as a journal for thoughts or general writings!


Product code: SV02955

And if your mind wasn’t blown enough already, we would like to show you our wonderful Bic Crystal pens, which come in packs of twenty and are glorious to write with:


Product Code: BC27210

And no desk or home would be complete without these dazzling ten pack highlighters:


Product Code: WX16351A

If you buy all three items with us you can have FREE DELIVERY!!!

Let your colourful out!

Sarah x


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