Stay Cool!


Today it is all about the fan. A simple yet wonderful creation- I honestly don’t know how anyone could ever have lived without one.

So I began to research and found some interesting facts and thought, I know, I will share some of them with my wonderful Good Sensers. They are below:

  • Archaeological ruins show that fans were used as far back as Ancient Greece!
  • Christian Europe’s earliest dated fan was one used for ceremonial purposes  which dates to the 6th Century.
  • Because of the Edict of Nantes in the 17th Century a lot of skilled fan-makers were expelled from France and so fans became more popular in other European countries.
  • In Japan fans were traditionally used as weapons and as props for dancing.
  • During the Victorian era, fans were used as a means of flirtation. For example if a lady was to shut a fully opened fan slowly it was taken as a sign of agreement to marriage!

So there you go!

If you need a fan don’t forget to go to our website:

And look at the various range that we have, from desktop to standing and high velocity!

Stay cool!

Sarah x


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