A Nice Surprise…

swarovski 2



My parents have recently been on holiday in Spain and decided it would be nice to bring me back a little gift. As usual I was expecting the run of the mill- bracelet, earrings or some kind of candle.

Not that I am complaining, I do LOVE those. 

However, they presented me with a very strange bag with the words “Swarovski” written upon it. 

Again thoughts of jewelry crossed my mind, followed by the second realisation of  “Oh my God! How much did this cost my Mum?!”

I opened the bag with great anticipation unable to contain myself- I guess it’s true that all women go weak at the knee’s at the mere mention of the word Swarovski. 

However, when I opened the box, I found that it was an unusual shape and did not look as though it could contain either a necklace or earrings. 

I was confused…

Until a thought came into my head, could it be… a pen?!

Anyone who know’s me will know that I have somewhat of an addiction to stationery, my friends call it a fetish and I think I may have to agree with them. 

I pulled the string-bag open and stared in and saw this…


And I was made speechless, a very rare thing to happen to me indeed. 

I did wonder whether it was a cheap knock- off alternative because I wasn’t sure that my Parents would actually buy me a Swarovski pen, but then they presented me with a little card of authenticity! 

I squealed. Many times.

I asked them how much it had cost them and was surprised to find out that it was actually a very reasonable price!

And then I got to thinking… we should sell these here at Good Sense Stationery. 

I spoke to Geraldine (the owner) and showed her the pen, which she wanted to steal and we both knew we had to have them!

For that reason they will from today, be available to purchase through us!

They would make a great gift for family and friends and are not only available in Amethyst, but also Turquoise, Red, Black and Silver!

The body is actually filled with 160 sparkling crystals which creates a magnificent light reflection!

So, if you know a special person that deserves a leaving present, a congratulations for passing, a present for a teacher, an exam or even a person whose birthday is coming up; then this pen is for them!

Simply go to our website:


And quote code:





Sarah. x


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