XPD! We love!


Today it is all about the lovely XPD and in particular our lovely account manager Kath!

They run our website for us and are super helpful, always going above an beyond to help us!

We had some new starters start (try saying that after a few) not so long ago and when XPD heard they decided to help us by doing a product training session!

And the lovely Kath came to see us!

We had a lovely afternoon with plenty of treats and training and even did a little quizz which many said I took a little too far.

Anyone that knows me will say I am extremely competitive.

…I like to call it highly excitable.

And the winner would get wine.

That was me sold.

Not only was I determined to beat the newbies, but I was also determined to win the wine that would help me on my merry way after work- as I was due to meet friends anyway!

It was a little hair-raising and I did worry about what I would look like to my manager if I didn’t win, but I did!


As you can see I was very much pleased with my win (I am on the right) as was Barry our newbie who came second (on the left). I am sure Kath (middle) must have thought we were a company of nutters.

Needless to say we got let out early on Friday, having drank the wine (with the boss’ permission) and we all went for a lovely drink in town.

Sarah x


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