Tablets taking us by Storm!


I have been lacking a computer for about three months now since it gave up the ghost and left me. I’ve been putting off going to a shop because I am terrified of seeing how much the market has changed.

The last time I went computer shopping, having an integrated webcam was considered amazing.

There are so many different types to chose from nowadays, net book’s, notebook’s. touch screens, flipable, reversible screens. And you just know that as soon as you step through the door of the bigger companies you will be sold whatever is on offer or what the sales people need to sell to meet their target.

“Can I help you today?”

“No, I am just browsing”.

I hate that conversation. It always makes me feel bad.

A customer of mine asked me about tablets today and so I began looking for her and realised that these tablets were actually not as scary as they seemed.

Everyone I know has gone in for the apple hype and bought a notebook, but I didn’t want to give into that fad so easily, surely other companies could offer a similar sort of deal for a better price.

Not only was I looking for my customer, now I was looking for myself.

After many hours of searching (maybe more like half an hour) I found a tablet and was drawn to it in the usual girlish fashion of

“Wow, that looks cute.”


(Product Code: ZSTG01)

Luckily we have a techno-wizard in the office called Ryan who began looking into the tablet for me who double checked the specifications.

He couldn’t believe that we could get all of that for £107.66!

If it shocked Ryan, that meant it was good.

It comes with 8GB storage which is very good for a tablet of it’s size, especially when considering it is a brand you have probably never heard of before!

It also has a mini-HDMI port which means that you can play movies via apps such as Netflix through the T.V. via a cable!

Well that was me sold.

I have now purchased my Zoostorm SL8 Mini and I am very much looking forward to playing with it tomorrow.

Despite having two tablets already Ryan is seriously considering buying this, as is Barry.

It’s caused quite a storm.

If you would like to browse our tablets, please do go to our website at:

If you fancied a bit more variety, please do try codes:




Sarah x


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