Albermarle Adventure!


What a sight to behold!

Every time we go to visit Graham at Albermarle, in Prees; we are positively blown away! It is always such a hub of life- with sets being designed for every pantomime and play that you could possibly think of.

As I mentioned in our last blog, we have a new starter… the lovely Emma, who mentioned her love of all things theatre and drama.

We couldn’t very well keep her in the office- having a set designer for a customer, so as a treat I took her to meet Albermarle and the wonderful people who work for the company.

For a second I thought that she would never want to come back to the office, she was absolutely mesmerised.


Here is our lovely Emma showing her love of all things Rockabilly, holding a record (made of wood and painted may I add!) from the set of Hairspray!

It really does make you wonder how someone can take a piece of wood and bend it in such a way as to create towers for Rapunzel’s or even t.v camera’s like the one below:


Having a back ground in theatre (studying drama at University), Emma was in her element and Graham relished having a fellow stage buff to talk to; especially when it came to the creation process:


Tiny models are made of each and every set, which are then blown up to the correct size and re-scaled!

(If you look to the far right you will see Graham’s first ever set that he designed!)

I was, of course naturally inclined towards Cinderella’s carriage:


If I could get away with travelling around in this contraption, believe me I would.



 We love that we can visit our customer’s so regularly and see such wonderful things!

And we love that they chose to use us.

If you would like any more information on the company, or would like to see our products, do not hesitate to go to our website:

Or alternatively, if you would like a quotation, please do send an email to:





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