The Workwear Mill

The Workwear Mill

The Workwear Mill

When we call our customer’s or prospective customers, a lot of the time they hear the words “stationery company” and think of your run-of-the-mill items; pens, paper and inks.

That’s where we are different than most…

Here at Good Sense Stationery, we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial mindset and our constant need to progress.

That’s where our lovely Becki comes into it…

Not content with running herself ragged for us, she has also set up shop (so to speak) and created her own company- The Workwear Mill.

This means we can offer fantastic rates on Uniforms, PPE and in general every piece of clothing that you can think of!

She also offers embroidery on items, meaning that you could soon have your very own company logo printed on to shirts, skirts, trousers, hats, ties, waist-coats, blazers, jumpers and even socks!

Companies we currently clothe are varied and range from taxi companies and offices, to catering and the hospitality industry.

So if you are a company looking for a more unified image, or are a customer of ours that are interested, please do not hesitate to ask us more information about this the next time you call on:

01948 661 606

Or alternatively, you can go direct to The Workwear Mill via their website:

As always don’t forget to go to our website for all your stationery needs:



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