Macmillan Morning Success


Table 1

Good Sense Stationery are proud to say that our Macmillan Cancer Support fundraiser was a HUGE SUCCESS!

We managed to raise a fantastic £55.00 from our wonderful Business Park and loyal customers who came to visit us throughout the day!

All of the rushing around and last-minute icing was completely worth it and we couldn’t be happier!

A big thanks is needed to be said to all friends and family members who made it possible, by putting their own time into crafting such delicious and beautiful cakes!


[Just a few of our delicious cakes that we had on offer!]

I think, I personally must have consumed in excess of twenty or so cakes! I felt thoroughly sick and content by the end of the day- in fact I planned ahead and didn’t bring in any lunch purely so I could fit more sugary goodness in!

We were also visited by some of our lovely customers such as Penny from Beechtree Community Centre, who have just had the good news that they are to be sponsored by Sainsbury’s in Whitchurch! We couldn’t be more happy for them as they definitely deserve this support!


[I think I ate the majority of the cookies and Battenberg- my mouth’s watering just thinking about it]

We also had our Leitz ‘WOW’ stand up around the corner for our customer’s and neighbour’s on the Business Park to view:

leitz1full displayleitz 2

We are offering a promotion on Leitz ‘WOW’ products up until the end of October- whereby if you buy the Leitz Hole-punch and Stapler, then you get the Titanium Scissors for 1/2 price. It really is the stationery to be seen with!

Coming in a variety of colours it definitely adds a pop of brightness to your desk!

If you want any more information on our Leitz products please do not hesitate to call us on:

01948 661606

Or alternatively visit our website:

Thanks again to everyone who made our fundraiser a huge success!

Sarah x


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