The Day we became Royal!

Thursday’s are always one of our busiest days here at Good Sense Stationery and it was most certainly the case for us yesterday- you would have thought the phones were a part of our anatomy, the way they clung to our ears!

Despite being busy though, we always find time to meet interesting people from all manner of business’. Yesterday was no different.

We were introduced to a company called Kon-X Wales (specialists in Multi-Functional Machines) and in particular a lovely lady called Alison, who drove all the way from Bethesda to see us!

Only the best table-cloth and custard creams would do- it was the least we could offer her after such a lengthy journey!

And what a lovely woman she was!

By the end of Alison’s visit I knew everything there was to know about Olivetti and Utax multi-functional machines!

To learn more about Kon-X  and the price ‘health-check’ they complete, simply go to their website:

We would also very much like to say a big thank you to David from Crewe Clean Team, for providing us with a lovely framed certificate (as seen below) thanking us for donating Stationery to their company.


We love supporting business’ and charities here at Good Sense Stationery, so were thrilled to have something that we could then have on display for all to see!

There was a slight mishap however, which resulted in a secondary certificate being issued,.as the first was a victim of auto-correct!

Auto-correct… the saviour and yet the bane of everyone’s existence, had changed Geraldine’s surname from ‘Millington’, to ‘Middleton’!

This caused a lot of hearsay in the office along the lines of “You’re Kate Middleton’s sister!” and “Have you met Prince William?” and “Are we to sup with the Queen this glorious evening!”.

Of course we couldn’t resist singing Lourde- Royals.

 All in all it was a very busy day with many more busy days to follow.

If you are heading to the Blackberry Fair in Whitchurch, Shropshire this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for us as we will be wandering around!





  1. Hi Sarah. I’m glad you liked the certificate. Yes, “auto-correct”, that’s what it was. It was completely out of my hands!

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