“All we hear is Radio Gaga, Radio GooGoo, Radio Gaga…


 …All we hear is Radio ga ga

Radio blah blah

Radio what’s new?

Radio, someone still loves you!”

[-Queen (the band, not the Monarch)]

What a blur of a week it has been here at Good Sense Stationery, it feels as though our feet haven’t touched the ground! If we haven’t been in the office ‘banging the phone’s’ (as Geraldine likes to say), we have been out and about at meetings and conferences!

I guess you could say we owe our manic week to one man in particular… Carl Telfer from a company called SEI. We were lucky enough to meet this wonderful gentleman at a Business meeting towards the end of last week.

He operates a company called SEI Electrical Contractors (you can see their logo below), which specialises in CCTV solutions, energy reductions and electrical installations.

In today’s world electronics and in- particular CCTV systems and security locks are becoming more prevalent in the work force, to ensure high valuable goods and the people within are protected.

If this is something that your company may need help with do contact him on:

01782 817 664

or alternatively, via email:


And he will be more than happy to help!

We invited him to our offices for a one-to-one and ended up talking for over three hours! Trust me when I say plenty more could have been said, but at 6pm we thought it wise to call a recess!

As you well know, we are currently on the lookout for staff here at Good Sense Stationery and Carl happened to mention a job fair that was happening at Newcastle Under-Lyme College (NULC) in Staffordshire.

This was music to our ears!

As a result we spent all of Friday and Monday preparing for NULC and come Tuesday found some brilliant candidates, who we are now in the process of interviewing!

If you listen hard enough you can hear our Business growing!

We cannot say thank you enough to Carl for passing on the details of the job fair!

Whilst we were there something else happened to us, which was absolutely fantastic… We were interviewed ( I was interviewed) on BBC Radio Stoke!


[Yes, that is me being interviewed by Lee Thomas, from BBC Radio Stoke- we even tweeted this picture and got retweeted by NULC!]

I won’t lie, I felt like a celebrity.

But, I didn’t let my new- found stardom, get to my head!

It was another great opportunity to let people know we were there, ready and waiting to hire them- and of course another opportunity to say a great-big thank you to Carl!

Before we knew it, it was Wednesday and the busy week didn’t slow down there. We were introduced to a Business Networking chapter called Business Biscotti, by Tina- the lovely lady who runs our rented offices here at Park View Business Centre and I ended up spending a good two-hours there!

It was fantastic and is free to Business’ so definitely worth looking into if you want to meet new people!

…And here we are on Thursday, getting ready to hold interviews all day tomorrow!

I think we will have all earned a lovely glass of Rose, or White Zinfandel by the close of tomorrow!

Sarah x


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