We have internet- HUZZAH!

For the past two day’s we have been having an absolute nightmare of a time here at Good Sense HQ.

The internet… went down!


Yes, we were horrified too.

Luckily we are a stationery company and had good old pens and paper to keep us going!

It’s almost as if we were thrown into a barren technology-less waste-land.

We were suddenly post-apocalyptic explorers, scrambling to survive the harsh realities of the ‘real’ world.

There was only one phone that was working… yet there were several members of staff that needed to make calls…

This meant that we all became Roman Gladiators– battling for the honour of using this once everyday item, which had suddenly become a luxury to us all.

Okay, so maybe gladiatorial battles are a little too far, but you get the picture.

It was chaos!

It made us realise just how much we depended upon the Internet.

Never again will we question it!

If it is on a ‘go-slow’, never again will we become short-tempered; because at least it is on the go!

I must dash however, as I am now inundated with orders and email enquiries!

If you too would like to place an order please feel free to call us on:

01948 661606

Or alternatively you can order online at:

Remember to check out our Facebook page for regular updates and competitions: goodsensestationery

Sarah x


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