Our big day out…

We don’t get out of the office a lot, here at Good Sense Stationery… so when we do, we go a little mad!

That’s why when we had the chance to go to a Networking Event at Carden Park, we jumped at the chance!

For those of you who don’t know, Carden Park is a luxurious 4-star Hotel located in Cheshire and is a much sort-after location for those looking to tie-the-knot, in beautiful surroundings!

We were greeted at the main hotel and then couriered up to the Clubhouse in a buggy!… That’s right, a golf buggy!

Well, I didn’t realise just how fast they could go!

It was a cold day, but it didn’t matter much because we felt like Queen’s being escorted to an ‘A-list’ event.

The clubhouse

How could you not feel like you were royalty, when presented with The Clubhouse?!

We were already in our own wonderful bubble, due to our unexpected buggy ride and so you can imagine how even more excited we became, when we walked through the door and saw this:


Yes, that is us on the ‘big screen’!

Carden Park truly were making us feel extra special, making sure that everyone knew who we were and the wide range of products that we offer!

Numerous local businesses attended the first of W1G Networking events and it was such a pleasant day!

After listening to many other businesses presentations and presenting our own company, we felt confident that we walked away with a lot more contacts than we had before.

I can thoroughly recommend W1G for anyone who may be looking at Networking in the Shropshire/Cheshire area.

After the event, we didn’t want to leave… and so we were really naughty and decided to stay for lunch!


Never before have I tasted a salad as delicious as this one! My mouth is watering at the thought and all i can think of, is the next time I will be able to return to Carden Park… just to eat more… and network, of course!

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I look forward to the next W1G event!

Sarah x


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