Our busy week

We have had quite a hectic period in the office over the last week…

Christmas is approaching, orders are flying in and we have had visitor’s left, right and centre, meaning our office has been a hub of life!

…We love it!

relay for life logo

We have also been very busy planning a Christmas Fayre in aid of Relay For Life-CRUK, which is on Thursday 11th December 2014 at The Archibald Worthington Club in Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Doors open at 6.30pm and tickets can be purchased on the door and we would love it if you joined us!

In fact, we went to a meeting last night with other Relay For Life members to finalise the details and it was great hearing the inspiring stories of Cancer survivors at the most recent summit meeting.

It makes you feel truly humble and reminds you of why all of the hard work and sleepless nights spent organising events is worth it.

Despite all of the commotion in the office, we still find time to wind down now and again- or should I say that we are forced to…


Yes, that is my dog Bosley, tearing up paper (his new nickname is shreddder)…He is an absolute nightmare!

You honestly cannot leave him alone, otherwise he gets into all kinds of mischief… which is exactly why I had to bring him in with me the other day- as there was no one to look after the fiend!

We were forced to chase him around the office removing paper from his reach… at one point we thought he would knock the whole system down as he got tangled up in all of our computer wires!

He is definitely a character, but I think his trip to the office was a one time only deal!

Mini Poppers (Geraldine’s dog) on the other hand, is an absolute angel in comparison… and so patient.

We went a little hat crazy the other day and even Mini joined in-sitting quite contently as she tried on a few new styles:




For any one who may be interested in purchasing a ticket to our Fundraising event, we are manning a stall at the Market tomorrow in Whitchurch town centre… just look for the giant Teddy-Bear and you will find us!

Alternatively you can purchase a ticket online at our website:



Let’s make it a success!

Sarah x


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