Party Season!!!

This could quite possibly be one of the longest blogs that I have ever written…as we seem to have been constantly on the go this week!

What have we been up to…

Well firstly, we went to a charity event at the wonderful Beechtree Community Centre in Whitchurch!

We provide stationery to Beechtree Community Centre and so when Penny (the lovely lady who we deal with) told us that she was hosting an event to raise funds for the centre, we jumped at the opportunity to go!

The centre is vital to the community and yet so many people are unaware of its existence due to its location! It’s squirreled away next to The Cottage Hospital and so many locals think it is a part of the hospital, which it isn’t!

It offers courses for those out of work, or looking to update their cv’s and also has function rooms which local businesses can use! There is also a wonderful cafe with FREE Wifi- so it’s a great spot to go to get some work done!

We had such a wonderful evening and the food was to die for! Turkey sausages with mashed potatoes, red cabbage and peas! We were even treated to mince pies with brandy-butter sauce! Yum, yum!

There was a Christmas quiz afterwards too and I have to fess up, that I may have gone slightly overboard and got a little competitive…

But, alas! I did not win!

I did, however… for the FIRST time in my life… win WINE!


[Penny and I with my prize]

Now, I am not saying I am an alcoholic… but any one who knows me, knows that wine is always good in my books!


Even Geraldine won some snowmen bathbombs!


If any one deserves praise for helping a community not only survive, but thrive, it is Beechtree!

Any one who wants more information or are looking for function space I recommend you go to their website and contact them!:

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, we also hosted our own fundraiser for Relay For Life-CRUK last night, which was a huge success! We are still counting up the takings, but we believe we have raised over £300 so far!


FudgeBev's BuntingsAvon


[Just a small selection of the stalls we had!]

It was such a great evening and great to see support from friends, family, colleagues and customers!

Thank you to everyone who attended- stall holder or visitor- you helped make the night a success!

Please do continue to support this worthwhile charity! News on events can be found on our Facebook page:

…Unfortunately, I did not win any wine, so I am going to have to rectify that this evening!

I hope you all have a great weekend- see you again on Monday!

Sarah x


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