DeLoreans, Sweets and Radio treats


No, your eyes are not deceiving you… this is the DeLorian!…Okay so maybe it’s not THE DeLorian, but it was one of the 10 replicas made from the film Back to the Future, starring Michael J Fox!

…And we found it at a recent trade show which we attended in Coventry.

We did leave for the show on the wrong day and only realised when we were half-way there! We felt a little silly when we had to turn around and repeat ourselves the next day!

It was absolutely fantastic though, full of manufacturers of personalised and promotional items such as stress balls, sweets, cuddly toys, mugs and so much more! We thought that our arms were going to fall off by the end of the day due to all of the free gifts that we were being inundated with!

I will say however, that the Hover Board (in particular) was staring at me and it took all of my will-power not to jump over the rope and have a play with it!

Hover board 2

We even met the manufacturers of Jamie Lang of Made In Chelsea’s sweet brand Candy Kittens!

If that wasn’t enough excitement we also attended our Suppliers launch event in Birmingham where we met the Baroness Brady! We were even cheeky enough to ask who her current provider of stationery was and offer her a business card… if you don’t ask, you won’t get! That’s our motto!

Karran Brady Vow Green Light

We discovered some wonderful new stationery products such as the Snopake polka-dot range and their gusset ring-binder Polyfile and, like at the trade only show our bags were soon full… no need for the gym that evening! We were well and truly weighted down!

We even managed to squeeze in some fantastic workshops too!

On the way home we even bumped into Bill Roach and Melanie Sykes at Crewe Station and had a quick hug with them!

Three celebrities all in one day… we were ever so slightly overwhelmed!

I think we have done our fair share of shows for a while though, all this gallivanting is very tiring work!

Now, if that wasn’t enough, we also managed somehow to squeeze in a slot on Red Shift Radio Crewe!

red shift

Red Shift is a not-for-profit community organisation who are committed to bringing the listeners, businesses, schools and communities of South Cheshire together. There are a variety of different shows which you can tune into, however I happened to have a slot on the Business Hour to talk about GSS Office Supplies LTD!

It was terribly exciting and I have to say that after seeing three celebrities in the same week and starring on the radio, I did feel ever so slightly like a celebrity myself.

I was interviewed by the fantastic Ewan Sturman- the Executive Director of BNI Cheshire and North Wales who made me feel very welcome and relaxed… I would definitely be up for visiting Red Shift Radio again!


For those of you who don’t know, we are members of BNI- the most successful global business networking referral group in the world! With over 13,000 members in the UK and Ireland alone and referrals worth over £409 million each year- it really is the best way to build a better business.

BNI allows only one representative from each trade or profession to join any one BNI chapter. This means that you can lock out your competition, ensuring you receive 100% of all new business. Working together, BNI members achieve incredible results, growing their business in ways they could never accomplish alone.

We are always looking for guests at our Chapter, so if you are based in South Cheshire or the surrounding areas and you are looking to grow your business, please do contact us and we will be more than happy to invite you along to our next meeting so that you can see how it works!

If you want any more information don’t hesitate to contact us via email or telephone:

01948 80 50 40

Or simply click the BNI image to get to the website!

Sarah x


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